My name is Mark Kruip, a 26 year old creative web-designer, front-end developer and e-mailmarketeer from The Netherlands. Designing and creating online solutions for web and mobile is my passion! Click below to read more about me as a designer/developer/marketeer.


I was born in a small village in The Netherlands called Breedenbroek where I grew up with my parents and sister. As a child and continuing into adulthood I enjoy playing soccer and being active. I also enjoy travelling, a passion which was sparked following a university term abroad in Helsinki, Finland.

  • Mark Kruip Ontwerpbureau

    Mark Kruip Ontwerpbureau

    In 2012 I launched my own webdesigncompany called Mark Kruip Ontwerpbureau. My company focuses on solutions for websites, webshops and offline media. I started my own company to gain experience in what it is like to manage clients, finances and work load. Since 2012 I have completed many projects.

  • Travelling


    Since my study abroad in Helsinki I discovered a new passion in my life called travelling. I would like to discover more places in the world. Places like New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia are on my bucketlist.

  • Sport


    Another passion in my life is sport. Since I was six years old I play soccer for the local soccerclub named Ajax B. First for the youth teams and since five years for their first team. Besides that I fitness 2 or 3 times per week.

  • Community School Degrees


    In seven years I have successfully finished two diplomas and one bachelor’s degree. First I completed the study Co-operator ICT where I learned the basics of computer engineering. Then I completed the study Application Developer where I learned a lot about designing and developing websites and webapplications.

  • Bachelor Degree

    Bachelor Degree

    Following the completion of these courses I began my Bachelor Degree of Communication and Multimedia Design at Hogeschool van Arnhem & Nijmegen. I received my degree in June of 2014 after completing all of the requirements of the course.

  • Study Abroad Finland

    Bachelor Study

    Requirements included two years of classroom time, half a year of specialization which I completed abroad in Helsinki, Finland, as well as two internships which I completed at Perplex and Doit Online Media. My half a year of specialization at Metropolia University in Helsinki was focused on programming and design skills.


I have done three studies to get where I am right now. Passed two community degrees and one bachelor degree. The last four years were the most progressive period of my study time. Things like going to Finland for my study was the best experience for me. At Frontis, Perplex and Doit Online Media I created the experience of working in a company. Since October 2016 I got a parttime job as a frontend developer and e-mail specialist at DTC Media.


During my education, I learnt how to utilize many new skills in the frontend developing world such as creating new concepts, making webshops and offering printing material. Working with programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Wordpress and Magento have become a passion for me. I have experience with program languages like HTML(5), CSS(3), SASS, LESS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, XML and SQL.

  • Design


    Making a client happy with a beautiful design for a webapplication, website, mobileapp, offline-marketing or online-marketing is the best feeling. I enjoy the challenge of improving each web design from my previous projects.

  • Develope


    For creating websites or webshops I use CMS systems like Wordpress and Magento. Frontend languages like HTML(5), CSS(3) and Javascript are part of the process to make the website like the design.

  • Concepting


    Beside designing and developing websites I like to make new concepts for my clients. I use creative sessions with my clients to create new logo's, wireframes, designs etc.

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